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>> live and in h.d. this is good morning, washington on your side. >> good morning, washington, 6:00 on this friday. i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. we'll get to traffic and weather in just a minute but first we have a school delay to tell you about. >> st. mary's schools will be opening late because of all the bad weather. first brian van de graaff with eastern and southern parts of our viewing area really getting pounded, aren't they? >> yes. until 9:30 a flood warning for the entire county not just because of tides but the water and runoff and low-lying area and in addition they have a coastal flood warning so they are just getting pounded so that's why they are having the delays, to be safe. >> and a few more sprinkles with the heavier bands going south through the 95 corridor from
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fairfax to prince william. off and on rain and drizzle today. cool and gusty one more day, the transition starts tomorrow. back to lisa in a second and adam but first back to doug and alison for the latest on issues out there because of the weather. >> indeed, brian, our top story traffic alert for beltway drivers. >> right now three lanes open. one still closed. the situation began 24 hours ago when a water main break and heavy rain flooded lanes. crews worked around the clock do try to fix this broken pipe. live in mayorfield with more on situations as it stands. matt, good morning. >> good morning. the situation as it stands, volumes increasing and traffic slowing on the the inner loop. take a look at the highlights coming towards us, the inner loop, three lanes getting by us. the right lanes closed as they continue to work to repair the problems created by the broken
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water main. as far as water main itself goes, it's 10 inches and iron and they have decided really just to cap it for now and come back and repair it fully later as part of the hot lanes project on the beltway. could be a while before they get that done, but the immediate repairs have been a mess because of the weather, the rain and wind has made it tough to fix it plus they are trying to get around the other utilities there underground. they hope to have the repairs done by noon today. we'll have to wait and see how that happens. we'll be posted here throughout the morning to give you an update because this is a special traffic situation and of course the rush hour builds in the next hour or so. we're live in falls church. i'm matt brock. abc 7 news. now lisa baden. >> expect to find delays growing. thanks matt. leaving brad k road headed up to
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that issue where matt is still on the scene. three separate wrecks to start this morning. georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. highlight it's show the impact lanes are open from ikea park to the exit of 270. alison starling. >> thank you lisa. 6:063 and back to your weather because forecasters expect this november nor'easter to keep pounding the commonwealth all day but the effects reach up and down the east coast. live in south west with more on how the area is coge. courtney, good morning. >> that's right a slow-moving nor'easter stretching from north carolina to new york. we're live at hanes point and you can see taking a look at the waters of the patomic they've crested takeover guardrail seeping up covering the walkway but they have not reached ohio drive. this is really all that we're seeing in our area and -- but the coastal regions hit much
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harder. >> up the coast bethany beach delaware, high winds, high tide, pounding waves. the nor'easter is giving and certainly taking, eroding beaches and do you understand. >> mother nature will bring some of that in but not bring back another dune. that will have to be done by other means. >> in ocean city maryland similar concerns, high tides brought on by the high winds stopped short of getting to businesses. sandbags were set up outside of businesses hoping to keep any flood waters at bay. >> all the parking lot will be a lake. that's a given. >> try to get the water out, really. >> and down the coast in the mouth of the which he is apreak there really is nothing else that can be done. roads are closed. streets flooded and so far three
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people reported dead from car crashes related to the storm. back now live at hanes point i'm told by forecasters the waters of the patomic will remain three feet higher than normal high tide. we should see them start to recede as high tide goes back down. the governor is planning to hold a news conference around 11:15 this morning and planning to tour the hardest hit areas of the commonwealth saturday. >> you shod know brian and adam will be back in less than 10 minutes with another check on the forecast but for weather updates any time, log on to >> president obama is in tokyo for the first stop on his four-nation tour of asia. he will meet with japan's prime minister later today as the president waves a decision of the war strategy in afghanistan. the white house says a formal announce smeapt still weeks away and mr. obama says he won't send
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troops in harm's way unless they have proper support and there's a clear exit strategy. the army's psychiatrist accused of the fort hood shootings could face the death personality. major malik nadal hasan has been charged with 13 marges of murder and could be charged with a 14th count because one of the victims was pregnant. president obama wants details on what they knew about hasan. >> it could end up being one of the biggest counterterrorism sees yures ihistory. federal prosecutors took a u.s. skyscraper and four u.s. mosques inuding the islamic education center owned bety non-profit muslim organization the alabi foundation suspected of being secretly controlled by the iranian government. federal prosecutors are trying to seize more than $500 million
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in assets from that group. the mosques will remain open while the indices works its way through court. >> now a story you will see only on 7, a family is desperately searching for the remains of a war hero scheduled to be burried at arlington national cemetery today. >> seems like an extra slap in the face that after all he gave in the military when he's supposed to be putting to rest that we can't do it. >> carol schmidt says her father, was to be burried with full military honors but somebody stole his ashes. the family was visiting a museum in d.c. yesterday when somebody broke into their rental van and took a bag containing the urn. the burial is scheduled for this afternoon. if you have any information please contact police. >> all right 6:70 on this friday. we've got 49 degrees right now. and just a reminder that st.
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mary's county schools are on a delay because of the bad weather. >> and big developments in the balloon boy hoax investigation. today we could hear a guilty plea. >> also coming up, how much is enough? 7 is on your side with how much you need to know about the swine flu vaccine. >> and the nor'easter still churns offshore causing minor flooding. we'll talk about that and let you know when the improvements
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>> hi, i'm major steve no, sir
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of the salvation army at wal-mart asking you to do the most good by volunteering to ring bells this season. go morning, washington! >> and welcome back, eb. 6:11 is your time on a friday morning. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes and if you're just joining us, st. mary's county schools are on a two-hour delay because of all the bad weather. >> the wind is howling in parts and rain still coming down in some parts. adam caskey stanfording by at patomic park. >> we are sti going to deal with this nor'easter for a day. we have in st. mary's county flooding inland. they are on a two-hour delay. we have minor flooding here, the water is coming up over the banks as high tide was at 5:00
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a.m. doppler shows a little bit of rain but nothing like the past couple of days. here in fredericksburg and spotsylvania and st. mary's county where we have the flood situation right now. so light rain. pockets of rain. a little bit of drizzle. winds gusty. highs only in the lower 50's. tomorrow still gray but warmer, not as rainy and by sunday that's where we'll see the sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. >> thanks adam caskey. see the highlights heading north . that's a backup because of the vol yul. montgomery county leaving college park. series of wrecks we've had along the way have been cleared out of the road.
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water main break repair, right traveling transition lanes remain close. east on 66 huge delays begin to get to the roosevelt bridge with a crash before the exit of 110 and on one lane getting through to the right. >> metro is now the target of a criminal lawsuit, "the washington post" reports federal authorities have charged the metro with releasing hazardous chemicals into the sewer system. polluted water left over after metro cars were washed was allegedly then released into sewer pipes without being properly treated. the court papers state it took place at the carrollton and branch avenue rail stayings in 2003. >> coming up next this morning maryland health experts confirm six more dead from the swine flu. we'll tell you about the growing infection rate. >> but first the taliban takes credit for another deadly blast in afgha
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>> in our top stories at 6:15, virginia remains in a state of emergency. some streets are still flooded from the rain, and officials warn it could continue through the night. three people have been killed in car accidents related to the storm. >> and guilty pleas are expected from richard and ma you may my heene the parents accused of pulling off the bloop boy hoax to promote a reality show. richard heene will plead guilty to a felony and his wife to a misdemeanor and they could face up to -- jail time. >> and a bombing that wounded
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some in afghanistan. no soldiers were reportedly hurt. >> it is now 6:15 and the number of swrine flu death sincere skyrocketting. maryland health officials now report six more deaths associated with the h1n1 virus bringing the state wride total to 19. virginia reports 21 deaths nationwide swine flu has killed nearly 4,000 people including 540 children. there's still confusion, though, about the vaccine. many parents don't know two vaccinations are necessary to protect their children against the virus. >> data shows for children under 10 you cannot relyably coupe on the one shot to produce full immunity. >> and there's still a shortage of the vaccine. officials hope the shortage will ease within a month or so.
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>> traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> lisa, how's it look? >> not well. outer loop on the beltway at wisconsin avenue three wrecks. everything out of the roadway. we line up at new hampshire avenue to get around the mormon temple. if you're coming out of the rosslyn tunnel to get to the roosevelt bridge, only one lane to the right is getting by but on 110 before 395 traffic perches with you, there's been an accident so near 395. inner loop of the beltway. we've been checking in with matt brock. between 50 and 66 they are still doing repairs to the water main break. out of southern maryld, we look good. nothing on 228 or 210 and delays are expected from the knowledge
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october my to the truck scales. >> you see the water 4r57ing a little high. i tell you we are looking along the patomic up and down the river -- anywhere from 1-3 feet above average. tides are reseeding right now but we could see problems later. also a couple warnings. st. mary's county they have a coastal flood warning and st. mary is on a two-hour delay. for st. mary's county schools. that's helpful for you as you navigate your way. never drive through standing water. >> a few sprinkles towards the loudoun county a few sprinkles as well. but rain not nearly as intense. today a gusty flow, the system the nor'easter is churning off the coast. high pressure is allowing it to move out but the combination of
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the two systems pushes gusty winds in. the rain will subside and has that happens we will look for less wind and less rain, but it will still be ok off and on showers and sprinkles and showers tonight and gray tomorrow. but sunday the sun will come out. it will warm up, and all the rain will be a distant memory. >> wonderful. warm and sunny on monday? >> can't wait. >> and big bank fees could be a thing of the past. >> plus the white house hosts a job summit as the jobss numbers grow. >> good morning we begin your "moneyscope" report with a job summit. president obama says he'll hold a summit next month to look for ways to promote job growth. the announcement came after a report showing another half million people filed for unemployment benefits last week, actually the lowest number since
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the beginning of the year but still not low enough to indicate job goat. >> mcdonald's will be doing some hiring opening 1,000 new restaurants and about 150 in the u.s. and apple expects to open as many as 50 new stores. about half will be in the u.s. well, a new rule will make it harder for banks to charge large overdraft fees on debit -- banks can charge as much as $35 for withdrawing more money than you have. the rule goes in effect july 1 but doesn't cover checks. and biggest launch in history, call of duty raked in millions just in the knot america and u.k. markets easily beating the $155 the dark knight took in
6:21 am
during its open ing weekend but the game does cost about six times more than a movie ticket. america americans have something to be thankful for. the thanksgiving feast will be costing less than last year. 12 key items will be 4% cheaper thanks mainly to lower energy costs. coming up on good morning "good morning america" black friday is weeks away but we'll tell you where you cafind best bargains. that's your "moneyscope" report, i'm jeremy hubbard. >> all right we have 49 degrees this friday morning. >> and three suspected gold thieves are now off the streets. with eeel tell you how police busted the thieves. >> and teri prejean is set to be in the studio but why she's here or not? why it's a mystery, explained this morning. >> and on "oprah" the votes are
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in for the karaoke challenge and the author behind the "twilight" saga. on abc 7. >> we're on a mission to cause health food cravings.
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>> welcome back, everybody. 6:246 is the time and kerry prejeanal might ditch some interviewers days after her big fight sort of with larry king. >> film stuart is at the live desk with some of the stories you won't find. >> we start locally with a curb side controversy for anybody who
6:25 am
parks on the street in the district. d.c. department of public works suspended its street cleaning for the winter last friday. nothing uncommon, but it's earlier than usual and didn't let its parking enforcement officers of the change and people reported getting street sweeping ticket this is week so if you think you got one incorrectly, get in touch with the department of public works. and kerry prejean was set to wrap up this week in washington but following her much-talked-about appearance on larry king, she's apparently a no-show. 12k34r the former miss california was set to speak at the capitol hill clubut canceled shortly before that event and cancel politico with the washington times, both of those were scheduled for later today. today it's unclear if she actually made the trip to d.c. or not.
6:26 am
>> and a man is freed by facebook. rodney bradford was held on suspicion of robbing two people. but bradford and others insisted he was innocent and turns out he post ad playoff message one minute before the robbery. prosecuters dropped the charges a message he was asking his rlfriend where his pancakes were. very important question. >> what? [laughter] >> hey, got him out of jail. >> hopefully that was a joke. >> i'm sure it was a joke. >> the replay should have been go fix them yours. >> we don't know what the reply was. >> well, what an interesting al buy. >> it worked. so good for him. >> i'll remember that next time i'm in trouble. >> facebook. >> where are my pancakes? >> 6:26.
6:27 am
another half-hour of good morning, washington ahead. >> and maryland senator barbra mikulski is fed up with metro. we're going to tell you why and what she's asking from the federal government. >> good morning to you. we're looking at storm damage from north carolina all the way you were to mastercard. i'm courtney robinson live in massachusetts. you can see at the guardrail. with eeel take a look at our immediate area. now brian. >> tracking that system slowly pulling out. when will it get sunshine? when will the temperatures go back up? all those questions and more.
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>> 6:30 is your time now. live picture near alex andrea. boy, we've had a lot of rain here in the last couple of days. hopefully lit begin to taper off. >> the water is high in alex andrea. it's up over the guardrail in some places and the wind is pushing it back up. so watch out for that if you're hanging by the banks of the river this morning. time for traffic and weaer
6:31 am
every 10 minutes. >> if you saw the boat that sums up the sunday forecast, "something dandy." all works together. the planets are aligning. dandy vandy. out at st. mary's county, two-hour delay for the kiddos because of the inland flooding and coastal areas. coastal flood warnings in effect. few more showers out there. light and cool and gusty. a windy day but much less rain. adam talks about that. first lisa talks about what's going on out there. she has the very latest. >> oh, the phone is like here and there, and that's a gd thing because we want you to know what's happening on the highway. for example, george mason drive, arlington police are putting up -- on the inner loop between
6:32 am
50-66, no change, we had a water main break. with right lane and transition lane remain closed. the lapes respect as bad as we anticipated. back up to galos road. now to rosslyn, 66 eastbound, accident is not good. not impacting traffic right here at gleeb road. the crash is at 110. this has been the scenario for one hour and 15 minutes, eastbound 66 before the roosevelt bridge, only one to the right getting by. >> lisa baden thank you, very much. and now matt brock continues our traffic coverage live in mayorfield. matt what can you tell us about the situation? >> the backup has gotten worse in the last 10 minutes. take a look. highlights are the inner loop commuters and the right lane is closed. the transition lane. so narrowed down to three lanes
6:33 am
of traffic and the backup is really beginning as the volume increases for the morning rush hour. the repair of the water main break has been going on for 24 hours. they have decided they are not going to repair it fully. they are just going to cap it. but getting to it has been difficult because of the rain and mud and other utilities. so they are still working on it this morning and hope to have it finished by noon today so the morning rush hour not going to be nice. if you can avoid this area, i highly recommend it. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> good advice, matt. thank you, so much. the time is 6:33. back to the weather. forecasters expect this november nor'easter to keep pounding the southern parts of the commonwealth today, but the effects reach up and down the east coast. courtney with more on how the area is coping with this much rain.
6:34 am
>> good morning. >> good morning, alison. we're thankful that the rain has stopped. the system stretching from north carolina to mass which you sets producing high rains and winds. , here, at the east ma tome i can park and you can see they have crested over the guard rails, covering the walkways here. forecasters say the patomic will stay 3 feet above normal high tide. bethany beach, delaware pounded by roaring waves the nor'easter taking and giving concerns about beach erosion. annapolis braced for this storm with sandbags outside of businesses, but the real damage is at the mouth of the hampton roads, norfolk and virginia beach. tide waters. this is all we're seeing in our immediate area but the governor kane holding a news conference
6:35 am
and on saturday he will be visiting areas hardest hit. alison and doug? >> thank you, very much. a string of gold burglaries in fairfax and loudoun counties appears now to be solved. yesterday authorities arrested three suspects all from europe. over the past several months burglars broke into two dozen homes stealing gold jewelry and religious statues. nearly all recall are from southeastern descent. pack san and india a showdown is brying between the d.c. council and catholic church over gay marriage. the church is threatening to stop providing social service programs to d.c. if the council pass as bill allowing same-sex marriage. the church has $25 million worth of contracts with d.c. much of that money is used to help the homeless and health
6:36 am
care and adoption services. >> the city is telling us if you want to continue doing business with the city and partner with us to provide services, you're going to have to violate your faith. >> he plans to meet with his colleagues to discuss the issue but does not envision a compromise taking place. >> barbara mikulski says she is tired of lip service from metro about safety. so she's calling a federal investigation about safety lapses after a washington post reports independent monitors were blocked from doing safety checks on the tracks. mikulski plaps to hold traveling. >> michelle steel standing by live in new york this morning. good morning, michelle. >> good friday morning, everybody. we're focused on the president's trip to asia this morning because it has a very strong
6:37 am
focus on the economy. during the four-day, eight-nation tour the president will be meeting with creditors as well as trading partners. china's currency policy also expected to be on the agenda. the u.s. trade deficit, comments made by the demand. as all of this unfolds, stock index futures are higher. we also want you guys to watch another giveaway. denny's telling bloomberg it's in talks to buy advertising for the super bowl next year. the c.e.o. says it will probably focus on a free food promotion to help drew in consumers toits restaurants. they gave out about $2 million grand slam breakfast platters after runing a single super bowl commercial. that is fitness fuse, live for
6:38 am
bloomberg in new york i'm michelle steel. doug and alison back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:37 is your time. we have about 49 degrees. >> and still to come it's the end of the world as we know it. courtesy of 2012. arch campbell is going to let us know if it's worth the price of ad petition. >> and a family is on a frantic search hours before the burial of a loved one. i'm at arlington national cemetery. i'll have the that story coming up. you're watching good morning, washington. we'll be right back.
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, it's a big problem for anyone driving their car into d.c. this evening we uncover an infuriating dilemma for those trying to contest their parking tickets mooter madness on abc 7 at 5:00. >> adam caskey live at hanes point this morning with storm chaser 7. today is like the other days with one exception, not as rainy. the minor coastal flooding we're getting here along the patomic river, you can see how the water has recede ad little bit since
6:42 am
high tide which was at 5:00 a.m. this morning. you can see it has recede at least a couple feet down towards the fence along the concrete and river bank so with the water receding, it looks like the situation will improve along the coast for now. but st. mary's county schools two-hour delay due to the flood warning and they have a coastal flood warning in effect until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow but the in land flood warning there. we will have improvements along spotsylvania. tomorrow gray skies in the upper 50's. but by sunday into the 60's and a lot 06 sunshine. by that point we have earned it, right? lisa? >> they are working on at with aer main break repair between 50 and 66 the travel right merge
6:43 am
lane is blocked. beginning at galos road 66 eastbound inside the beltway. delays begin. huge crash at 11 0, only one lane to the right gets by and traffic before the pentagon. four separate wrecks on the outer loop between colesville road and connecticut avenue. they are on both shoulders and growing. before you can see -- to get to the mormon's temple. >> we've got 50 degrees. your time is 6:43. >> and coming up a family's desperate search for a hero's remains. desper-t( music playing )ro's - now's the time to invest. in lumber. in rubber.
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in bellies. and precious metals. it's time to put everything you have into your 10k. your 5k. and even your 1k. and, of course, you can never go wrong with futures. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>> at 6:46 it's time for a check of this morning's top stories. >> a broken water main break is still causing backups in virginia. this main bursts yesterday morning on 495 and rou 50 sending water gushing down the highway. crews are working to patch up the road. expect delays there. >> the remnants of tropical storm ida are having a huge impact on the delmarva peninsula. many streets are under water due to high tides and the governor has enacted the emergency warning.
6:47 am
>> and some streets are still flooded from the rain in virginia and officials warn it could continue through tonight. three people have been killed in storm-related car accidents throughout virginia. >> president obama says he will not deploy more troops to afghanistan until they have strong support and the mission is clear. the president is in tokyo meeting with the new japanese prime minister. >> and the self-proclaimed september 11 master mind shake khalid sheikh mohammad will be sent to new york to face trial. >> and now a story you will see only on abc 7, a family is desperately searching for the remains of a war hero, just hours before his scheduled burial at arlington national cemetery. >> they say his urn was stolen from a rental van last night.
6:48 am
it's shutch a shame, pamela. >> y, this is hard to believe. i just spoke to the son of colonel norbert schmidt. told me the urn still hasn't been found and this of course has been very difficult for the family to deal with. they have been praying hoping the urn will turn up before the burial service at 1:00 p.m. this amp. with hours to go until her father's burial, carol schmidt is frantic. >> it just seem like an extra slap in the face. >> a famil trip to the american indian museum last night turned into their worst nightmare. >> while the family was inside the museum someone broke into the rental van and stole a turquoise carry-on bag. it contained a u.s. flag and the remains of their father. >> his urn is out there. >> with the pain already so strong from the loss of colonel
6:49 am
schmidt, the idea that his remains may never be return asked unbearable for his widow. >> we've got to find his remains. even if we don't get them in time for the burial. she will not have any closure. >> the family says a man who earn ad bronze star in korea and two purple hearts deserves nothing more than to rest in peace here among his fellow soldiers. >> back live here. the family says it's still undecided about what to do if the urn doesn't show up before 1:00 p.m. they say there's a good chance they'll go ahead and proceed. if you have any informing about where this urn may be, you are asked to call authorities. reporting live, pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:49 is your time. before we get to traffic and weather we want to take you back to yesterday in burke, virginia, i attended the kickoff ceremony for the salvation army's kettle
6:50 am
campaign. it's a fixture of the holiday season and they will start today being out front of all the stores so drop in a dollar or two. it will last threw christmas eve and the money helps 365 days a year. the money stays right in our community. that's the beauty of it. >> yes. >> so and there's a lot of people hurting in our community. man, so if you ever wanted to give, this is the time to do it. >> absolutely. >> good call, alison. >> we want to remind you st. mary's schools are opening two hours later today. they have had a lot of bad luck. >> it's friday the 13th today. i don't know if that has something to do with it. >> slowly but surely, there's st. mary's. they have a flood inland and a coastal warning. but it will be lighter today, more scattered and fewer and far between.
6:51 am
drizzle mix indeed there as well. 50 at dulles, 52 at lexington park. hey, let's get over to the map. i want to show you the latest in the warnings. st. mary's and the surrounding areas have a flood warning for along the coast. along the patomic we have a coastal flood advisory. 1-3 feet is what we're talking about. today wet and windy one more day. more on the weekend coming up. lisa? >> 66 has been a headache serious crash in rosslyn, eastbound 66 at 110. if you normally take that inside the beltway. lee highway is a better option for you this morning. traffic not too bad. 270 southbound approaching 109. this geico cam remarks delays extend past the g walk con
6:52 am
redeveloped briefly. extend past the g walk con redeveloped briefly. arch campbell takes us
6:53 am
6:54 am
one taste and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee -- pick some up to brew at home. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning washington, i'm arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. one of the year's award contenders arrives in theaters for the weekend. >> 2012 hits its stride earlys
6:55 am
john cusack crams his family in a limo and races to escape an rthquake do end all earthquakes. >> the dialogue and special effects. 2012 takes 2 1/2 hours. way long. when they say thend is near, they don't really need e mean it. two stars, pg-13. "precious." an a bees teenager struggles to better her life. four stars. a christmas carol, this is it and amail i didn't. have a nice weekend everybody. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> and now a few stories to watch out for in the day ahead. d.c. mayor adrian and police chief will ladies and gentlemen an all hands on deck initiative later today. the chief says the controversial overtime work is a strong crime deterrent.
6:56 am
critics say it vie thrates city's contract. >> and the mass teacher fair toing will head to court. the teachers union has sued the school system. >> and barack obama will kick off his asian tour. he will be meeting with the prime minister. >> final for a quick last look at traffic and weather together. >> lisa? >> things are moving slowly on 66 eastbound. to the roosevelt bridge with a crash at 110. moving low slowly where the water main break repairs and moving slowly is the outer loop 95 to georgia avenue. we've had four wrecks on the way to the mormon temple. >> it will be another wet day today. not quite ads wet. windy and flood warnings. tomorrow the clouds will be around but not quite as chilly. beautiful sunday.
6:57 am
>> thank you for watching. local update at 7:22.
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